HopeIsBack Foundations Network

In our daily life we live in a normalized corruption era. But, for supplying our needs while preventing corruption, we can get organized in liquid restructuring (of the legal bodies via which we are normally interacting).

From here we are creating colorful decentralized and liquid self organized organizations arising in our global HopeIsBack Foundations Network, where each foundation may contribute only to humanitarian solutions based on the beneficial movement of people between groups in which they have equal power:

We, the HopeIsback NetWork, are now in the opening phase of localizing HopeIsBack foundations, which are the self organized economic structuring aspect of #HopeIsBack. The foundations are providing, while consulting for, solutions made for the brave ones who know their difficulties and lost their hope, but are able to gain it back. The statute of each foundation is:

Why liquid? Think of the these 3 qualities of water:

How to decentralize: How to course solidarity in liquid unions: How to course accountability when hiring manager ceo etc:

The winner-take-it-all game is the main cause for hate as a conditional feeling in group belongness destructively tested by how well "hates our competitors for living with us", while the winner takes its proportional part game causes attraction based affiliation.

Contact us by Telegram or Email. We could also help in forming your, if you are competent to run, foundation, with our trusted lawyer Rechtsanwalt Moritz Heusinger. And, here are some translators deepl and prekladac to your language.

Our degentrification projects, as gentrification became the first world wide city people issue, will offer 2 steps solutions:

Rationale: The specialization, as a stand alone value in economics, is costly, its efficiency is violent, and its beneficiaries for increasingly shorter-terms are in increasingly limited group, while this drama of purification processing when increasing value (which is wrongly named growth) creates slavery and addictions, it is only good for corrupting imperialistic domination over the world's population, that can, and will, be liberated by the decentralization and diversification, in liquid structuring restricting, such that any budget movements is attached to the movements of the corresponding people between groups in which they have equal power.

The hopeisback low cost recruiting is distributed by requiters via personal cards, flayers, sticker , (e)mail, etc with the following 4 elements:

You may contribute or apply to membership, board of directors or trustees or add yourself as its participants. We are now looking for these 4 initiating team members:

The Term and Conditions of Holding Shares in Common Company (ComCom)

Preamble: This license of ownership is designed to protect against takeover and for building small units holding bigger ones in a recursive manner and while keeping mobility and mutuality of their owners. Specifically designed against big monopolizing players or pretenders only temporally/partly fulfilling the cause of such units. It is implemented by each buyer or seller, which must care for the terms of this license, where the minimum damage for any owner’s units is reflected by the value of the share of the unit.

A Common company (ComCom) ownership agreement is an agreement of ownership between the company’s owners. The agreement, or the qualified majority required to change it, is unchangeable. The ownership over any part of the ComCom, including any of its asset, can be transferred between its owners only under this license:

  • Each owner is either an ordinary owner or a peer owner being equal to another peer owner and may only be human or a ComCom;
  • Through all holding layers, only a single holding position per owner is allowed;
  • The ComCom has the first right to buy any ownership over itself and each of its owners must match its criteria;
  • Per each ComCom, all the peers together equally hold (d) times 100 percent of the ComCom, such that (v) reflects (m),
    • as (d) times (m) equals (c) times (v) or
    • as (d) times (i) equals (c) times (n)
    • where
      • (d) represents its decentralization, as 0<=(d)<=<=1,
      • (n) is the number of shares per each of its peer owner, as (d)<=(n)<=1,
      • (c) is the number of it peer owners, which is to be independently decided in qualified majority by them,
      • (i) is number of its issued shares, being also the number of its individual owners – the owners through all layers of owning it,
      • (m) is its estimated “market” value,
      • (v) is the ownership value of each of its peers;
    • where the range of changes in (v) is proportional to number of peers, such that steepness=(nextV-v)*(c/v) , where |steepness|<= peer-proportionality being a constant number (default=1);
  • The form of decision in each ComCom must be transparent to its owners and includes:
    • the peer’s ratio threshold for (the peers’ Independent-ComCom-authority made in qualified majority) deciding about any policy in regard to both: the number of peers and the number of shares held by each peer
    • the medium – how do the owners meet and
    • the advance notification – the time and information to be given in advance;
  • The type of the ComCom can only once in its creation be decided, either as having its (d) constant or changeable and either being open or sealed (allowing no more owners over it), where
    • all the individual owners of the ComCom through all layers, are its members (as the number of ComCom’s members’  equals the number of shares),
    • if the ComCom is sealed or its (d) is changeable, then
      • each member must first become ComCom’s peer and can always return to that position and
      • the number of shares held by one peer is to be independently decided in qualified majority by the peers.

The Terms and conditions for Liquid Union

Liquid Union is any legal body having projects (each is defined by its budget, its population and the needs to be supplied), where its participants are people from its population, which are regularly choosing one of the existing, or new, branches of such a project by their (prepay) personal union card, while the branches, which could also be contracted (in) small business, are financed proportionally to the amount of the served participants and where the participants can only participate in one branch in each project and can elect the personals (only up to predefined maximal period of time) for the following three committees of the union or its project:

  • Board —  implementing the decisions made by the participants votes,
  • Control —  reporting to all participants and notified by any participant, about any possible improvement in the Board implementations,
  • Experts —  finalizing suggestions to the participants vote suggested by any participant for any issue or projects.

The Liquid Union formation is as of any legal body, or its project or as new type of Federal Organization, such as a State or Union, like USA, Eu etc.

Participants versus Members of such liquid union: Members must also be its participant. Participant, when want, but after completing the member’s obligations, can become its member. Members’ vote can only be after all participants are notified fairly in advance and only for dissolving the liquid union/its-project or starting impeachment process against the personals of its committees.

It is made as Fair-Distributor form for (uniting) Grassroots Organization/s — a new Progressive, Democratic, Colorful/White-Labeled, way to build your Critical Mass, while joining small groups when supplying their needs. It is made for better representation and integration between different groups and individuals, while authentically scaling them selves up in a fair, participative and dynamic, but less representative and non hierarchical, model of organization.

Qdolphin, a qml browser for smart people, as in Q DO Love Peace and Happiness IN

Qdolphin is a qml browser developed in qt framework for improving privacy and security issues in progressive web app user experience (pwa ux), by putting its web browser under, and not as, its security chain root for preventing Data Abuse, while adding its Qdolphin Data Blurring (qdb) value, when its development starts from the client and not from the server while providing (by its plugins) services of which business is not the data since that data is encrypted in the client. Join us in/by these Development meetup places by t.me.


Time Limited Coins issued for Peer Owners in a Fair Redistributions - CommunalCoin constantly lose its value in time as each member in the local (using coin) community constantly gets an equal dividend offsetting the lost value of the coin in that system and hence the shorter is the lifetime of the coin the better is the distribution in that communal system.

Humanitarian AGpl license

Humanitarian AGPL License: You are not allowed to use, produce from or design from this or its part, anything contained with the aim to kill, to torture, or without their consent, to cause harm to or to monitor people and any permission beside this restriction is granted here only under the Agpl License!


  • We, the creative class, could embarrass the industries of war by humanitarian licensing, such this humanitarian agpl;
  • The Humanitarian agpl (hagpl), as any other Humanitarian open source (hos) code, puts the 5th criteria, "No Discrimination Against Persons or Groups", a condition for the 6th one, "No Discrimination Against Fields of Endeavor" and hence forbids any discrimination between people by the use of such code.
  • The knife-tank killing case: a non-humanitarian, usual and repeated argument tells that the use of knife is dual, for buttering - a humanitarian one, but also a non humanitarian use to kill people, but the case of (the vehicle) tank having in its specification being better in killing people is not "also humanitarian" as putting butter on the bread. Thus, in developing a humanitarian code from such knife, the tank application would already become forbidden.
  • Stopping wars cannot be made by constantly adding wars, but by fighting the industry producing its weapons, an industry which must have all unique things under its control, a condition which is fully dependent on any one's creativity, a case which developing under humanitarian code can prevent.
  • Josef Mengele ones, please stop hacking people: Arguments putting the freedom to learn by doing and the add to knowledge above any other values can only be accepted as Pseudo Religious by Agents or Angels of Death, especially nowadays, when in larger areas machines are able to be more competitive than human.
  • Humanitarian open source can at-least embarrass or become more costly for the NSA in its Unnecessary and Disproportionate habit to Violates International Human Rights Standards.
  • Dual licensing option: "If you hold the humanitarian values specified above and only when the code contains agpl compatible licensed code, you may use this code under agpl".

At any rate, licensed gpl versus agpl, is anachronism allowing closing open source in servers farms providing dark services.

iiaom crypto identity - Inner Identifier And Outer Mask