The HopeIsBack Network

We are the human capital and we take the governing -
Lowering prices and raising small businesses.

Here we get free from the global corporate tyranny that oppress populaces and nations, while undermining all possible balances, including the environmental one, only for always gaining their owners' profit maximization, under their efficient argument (signed in agreement or at least by the system belief of those involved).

In order to prevent corruption, both between us and around us, we act both, as suppliers and as customers, for our benefit and for the benefit of the small businesses affiliated with our projects, so that according to our movements between the branches, the discounted products in our network are budgeted.

We are the human capital that creates the critical mass needed to realize our needs. When we are decentralized, we can and do create, a new market that dismantles monopolies.

This network is for the brave ones, who aware of their difficulties and have lost their hope, but are still able to rise again and pull back hope.

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In this era of neutralizing most of us, the people, how could any one of us be counted or how small groups or minorities could join into their critical mass serving their own interest for very long term?
By humanitarian solutions based on the beneficial movement of people between groups in which they have equal power!

We are the young generation who acknowledge the generations gap. Our parents destroyed our world, are wrong and misled us and so we are rebooting a proportional economy - without a winner taking all or representing us all and without identity politics.

In any voting systems, whenever the "abstinent voters" group is bigger than the difference between the "supporters" and the "objectors" groups,
that system neutralize most of its voters
and when such voting system is made via representatives in some layers, such neutralization is exponentially increased in each layer.

Hence, in most, if not all, modern voting systems, when the group of any representative's supporters is smaller then of abstinent voters together with the objectors, that representative represents only minority of the voters.

Additionally "rules confusion" can be measured by the confusion factor (c=s/r) of any rule, which equals the number (s) of its subjects upon which the rule is implemented divided by the number (r) of those who read and remember that rule.
Such confusion is exponentially increased when laws are created faster than understanding it by the subjects upon which such laws are to be implemented.

This is deliberately and constantly "happening" when lobbies are controlling most of the activities of the law makers while synced with bias of media owned by corporate .

To overcome such confusion, lobbies must be working less for Corporations or Special Interests Groups and more for critical masses of People owning their own media.

We do something for being counted. Our network pave the way, we, the many, can by ourselves defeat the controlling few (- the lunatic elites) and we are starting in our degentrification and comcomized real-estate.

This hopeisback platform is made by and for the brave ones who know their difficulties, lost their hope, but are able to gain it back. We are financing our selves by the D++devices under hagpl.

We are comcomizing this platform and targeting both groups: the small business (good for economy) and their customers (good for citizens) in any state, in front of the global corporate giants for overcoming the current global dystopiative dictating double thinking by a newspeak-denial of the climate-holocaust to rescue only the richest.

    • Our (too dramatic) era is of normalized corruption caused by systems in which the winner takes it all, instead of proportional and participative financing:
      • We live in a worldwide system that could not be representing its members and of which economy has debt 3 times bigger than its GDP, while being focused on gentrification providing growth only for the privileged who are credited cheaper by bonds and bakers -
        • Such a debt to GDP ratio (and mainly in the "developed" world) can only lead to slavery to debt until death, zombiely bailed out or wars (destroying economies) mixed with collapse of the financial system (while lowering interest and increasing leverage until burst) together with the real estate value decreased (when the value of the mortgage is bigger than of the asset).
  • In order to increase our bargaining power, as customers, donees and citizens, when satisfying our needs, while creating our critical mass that preserves the identity of the small groups that make us up, we are linking the groups budgeting to the individuals movements between those groups, to get liquidly organized in activities similar to the acquisition groups of services and products in our reorganization by the legal entities through which we usually interact.

    It is all made for solving problems raised because of the exponential increase of movement of products, services, capital, money and of information, while blocking people - a global problematic phenomenos producing higher passivity or aggression and more wars.

    We, the HopeIsback NetWork, which are the self organized economic structuring aspect of the #HopeIsBack, are now in the opening phase of localizing HopeIsBack foundations, connecting and looking for lawyers to register and support and for foundation managers, who can show their abilities and their social ambitions.

    • We are now building, and you could apply to join us by signing with us the comcomized agreement, the to provide the atomization of transparency and authentication of the interactions and statements in comcom and liquid union markets.
      • It shall not be the regulator but supplying the means for regulations by the authorities satisfying the participants, including the means to declare transactions of ownership, but not of money transfer.
  • The world's central banks had created fake fiat, which can only be backed by enforcement of states' police and armies, while providing exclusive low rate loans only to huge players, which only keep increasing the gap between rich and poor while polluting our earth until extinction, unless we would force such central banks to loan only to social projects, such as green energy solutions, by Scomcom companies of which the equal owners are (random or not) citizens.
    • Transparency - transmitting information to all its parts instantly, in a wave;
    • Acumulativeness - flowing around obstacles to get together and
    • Decentralization (single failure point immunization) - moving some (drops) of it do not hunt the rest.
  • These days, something with us, human, got totally wrong - globally, human pollution risks their existence and the debt to growth ratio is about 3.

    The pollution and debt are linked by the economists of the richest by focusing mainly on the effectiveness of constraining by debt costs in near to infinite labor and energy environment and hence with minimal or almost zero cost or risk, for such richest alone.

    As we, the labor and environment are the neglected remainder for those economists aiming or expecting destruction, wars and kind of massive population 'dilution' (as they put it), while still able to ignore the necessity for global inclusive social beneficialness, being measured by systemic distribution of benefits for the entire global population.

    Hence, except for slavery of human and machine, such economist - the zero and infinite mystical ones, do not count most of human and their environment and so here, in this hopeisback platform, we are creating economy of the winner takes only proportional win to benefit all other than richest while benefiting also mother earth.

  • The specialization, as a stand alone value in economics, is costly, its efficiency is violent, and its beneficiaries for increasingly shorter-terms are in increasingly limited group. This processing purification drama, while increasing value (which is wrongly named growth), creates slavery and addictions and it is only good for corrupting imperialistic domination over the world's population, that can, and will, be liberated by the decentralization and diversification in a liquid structuring, so that any budget movements is attached to the movements of the corresponding people between groups in which they have equal power.

  • This foundation may contribute only to humanitarian solutions based on the beneficial movement of people between groups in which they have equal power.
    • The board of directors of this foundation may add solutions to Its 6 initial solutions being:
      • Preamble: This license of ownership is designed to protect against takeover and for building small units holding bigger ones in a recursive manner and while keeping mobility and mutuality of their owners. Specifically designed against big monopolizing players or pretenders only temporally/partly fulfilling the cause of such units. It is implemented by each buyer or seller, which must care for the terms of this license, where the minimum damage for any owner's units is reflected from the value of the shares of such units.

        A Common company (ComCom) ownership agreement is an agreement of ownership between the company's owners. The agreement, or the qualified majority required to change it, is unchangeable. The ownership over any part of the ComCom, including any of its asset, can be transferred between its owners only under this license:

        • Each owner may only be human or a ComCom and is either an ordinary owner or a peer owner having the same number of shares as any other another peer owner in that comcom;
        • Through all holding layers, only a single holding position per owner is allowed;
        • The ComCom has the first right to buy any ownership over itself and each of its owners must match its criteria;
        • Per each ComCom, all the peers together equally hold (d) times 100 percent of the ComCom, such that (v) reflects (m) as (d) times (m) equals (c) times (v) or (d) times (i) equals (c) times (n), where
          • (i) is the integer number of its issued shares, being also the number of its individual owners - the owners owning it through all layers,
          • (d) is the rational number representing its decentralization, as 0<=(d)<=1,
          • (n) is the rational number of shares per one peer owner, as 0<=(n)<=(i),
          • (c) is the integer number of it peer owners, which is to be independently decided in qualified majority by them,
          • (m) is its estimated market value,
          • (v) is the ownership value of each of its peers and
            • the range of changes in (v) is proportional to number of peers, such that steepness=(nextV-v)*(c/v) , calculated by |steepness|<=peer-proportionality being a constant number (default=1);
        • The form of decision in each ComCom must be transparent to its owners and includes:
          • the peer's ratio threshold for (the peers' Independent-ComCom-authority made in qualified majority) deciding about any policy in regard to both: the number of peers and the number of shares held by each peer
          • the medium - how do the owners meet and
          • the advance notification - the time and information to be given in advance;
        • The type of the ComCom can only once in its creation be decided, either as having its (d) constant or changeable and either being open or sealed (allowing no more owners over it), where
          • all the individual owners of the ComCom through all its ownership layers, are its members (as the number of ComCom members equals the number of its shares),
          • if the ComCom is sealed or its (d) is changeable, then
            • each member must first become ComCom's peer and can always return to that position and
            • the number of shares held by one peer is to be independently decided in qualified majority by the peers.
      • Liquid Union is any legal body having projects (each is defined by its budget, its population and the needs to be supplied), where its participants are people from its population, which are regularly choosing one of the existing, or new, branches of such a project by their (prepay) personal union card, while the branches, which could also be contracted (in) small business, are financed proportionally to the amount of the served participants and where the participants can only participate in one branch in each project and can elect the personals (only up to predefined maximal period of time) for the following three committees of the union or its project:

        • Board: implementing the decisions made by the participants votes,
        • Control: reporting to all participants and notified by any participant, about any possible improvement in the Board implementations,
        • Experts: finalizing suggestions to the participants vote suggested by any participant for any issue or projects.

        The Liquid Union formation is as of any legal body, or its project or as new type of Federal Organization, such as a State or Union, like USA, Eu etc.

        Participants versus Members of such liquid union: Members must also be its participant. Participant, when want, but after completing the member's obligations, can become its member. The event of members voting can only be after all participants are notified fairly in advance and only for dissolving the liquid union/its-project or starting impeachment process against the personals of its committees.

        It is made as Fair-Distributor form for (uniting) Grassroots Organization/s new Progressive, Democratic, Colorful/White-Labeled, way to build your Critical Mass, while joining small groups when supplying their needs. It is made for better representation and integration between different groups and individuals, while authentically scaling them selves up in a fair, participative and dynamic, but less representative and non hierarchical, model of organization.

        more about this..
      • Qdolphin is a qml browser developed in qt framework for improving privacy and security issues in progressive web app user experience (pwa ux), by putting its web browser under, and not as, its security chain root for preventing Data Abuse, while adding its Qdolphin Data Blurring (qdb) value, when its development starts from the client and not from the server while providing (by its plugins) services of which business is not the data since that data is encrypted in the client. Join us in/by these Development meetup places by
        Its encryption algo and architecture is integrated into the d++devices project.
      • Time Limited Coins issued for Peer Owners in a Fair Redistributions - CommunalCoin constantly lose its value in time as each member in the local (using coin) community constantly gets an equal dividend offsetting the lost value of the coin in that system and hence the shorter is the lifetime of the coin the better is the distribution in that communal system.

      • Humanitarian AGPL License: You are not allowed to use, produce from or design from this or its part, anything contained with the aim to kill, to torture, or without their consent, to cause harm to or to monitor people and any permission beside this restriction is granted here only under the Agpl License!


        • We, the creative class, could embarrass the industries of war by humanitarian licensing, such this humanitarian agpl;
        • The Humanitarian agpl (hagpl), as any other Humanitarian open source (hos) code, puts the 5th criteria, "No Discrimination Against Persons or Groups", a condition for the 6th one, "No Discrimination Against Fields of Endeavor" and hence forbids any discrimination between people by the use of such code.
        • The knife-tank killing case: a non-humanitarian, usual and repeated argument tells that the use of knife is dual, for buttering - a humanitarian one, but also a non humanitarian use to kill people, but the case of (the vehicle) tank having in its specification being better in killing people is not "also humanitarian" as putting butter on the bread. Thus, in developing a humanitarian code from such knife, the tank application would already become forbidden.
        • Stopping wars cannot be made by constantly adding wars, but by fighting the industry producing its weapons, an industry which must have all unique things under its control, a condition which is fully dependent on any one's creativity, a case which developing under humanitarian code can prevent.
        • Josef Mengele or Sidney Gottlieb ones, please stop hacking people: Arguments putting the freedom to learn by doing and the add to knowledge above any other values can only be accepted as Pseudo Religious by Agents or Angels of Death, especially nowadays, when in larger areas machines are able to be more competitive than human.
        • Humanitarian open source can at-least embarrass or become more costly for the NSA in its Unnecessary and Disproportionate habit to Violates International Human Rights Standards.
        • Dual licensing option: "If you hold the humanitarian values specified above and only when the code contains agpl compatible licensed code, you may use this code under agpl".

        At any rate, licensed gpl versus agpl, is anachronism allowing closing open source in servers farms providing dark services.

      • a hash (persoanl image + its symmetrically encrypted file) under the humanitarian-agpl-license

    • this foundation may only incubate temporal projects, each being liquid union or comcomized unit, for only predefined time and then, after the project become mature in its new form, as a legal body in its region, the foundation may contract with such body for serving such bodies as their hub.
    • the unions use methods of comparing per each project, its budget divided by the number of its participants, then comparing the irregularities (from median or average) of the unions' projects, and then limiting the irregularities, with defining exception matching the need of the union defined in its policies.
    • when this foundation or any of its derived bodies, is committed for payment calculated as a some percentage of something, the payment would be given only some times of cycle after the period of profit/completion of that manager's plan, which is to be cheeked by accountable trustees, while until then the manager would get only a salary.

From here we are creating colorful decentralized and liquid self organized organizations arising in our global Network of Foundations, of which each may contribute only to humanitarian solutions based on the beneficial movement of people between groups in which they have equal power:

  • These organizations are structured to prevent corruption, when keeping diversity of all minorities with the non-voters and the majority, while building their critical mass for realizing their need.
    • The financing is inclusive and made only proportional, without letting any winner to take all, while benefiting not only winners but also individuals, minorities and abstention, in and between their groups, for their participation, while they are consuming, naturally and with low learning curve.
      • We believe that, when an economic social system is based on the winner takes only its proportional share, the system causes attraction based affiliation, whereas when such system is based on winner-take-it-all, hate is a conditional feeling in group belongingness, which is destructively tested by something like "how well do they hates our competitors for being privileged to live with us".
    • The foundations provide, while consulting for solutions, by having in each foundation temporal solution projects and, after the incubation period, each project, becoming an external legal body, can be contracting with the foundation.
    • This comcmoized hopeisback platform business is of providing tools (such for communication and storage) while caring for good privacy by pluging authenticated services in to the Qdolphin browser distributed under the Humanitarian Agpl License for the use of members of registered organizations, which are, or which are spinned off, the hopeisback type of foundations listed on here,
      • where such foundations may contribute only to humanitarian solutions based on the beneficial movement of people between groups in which they (the people) have equal power, specifically:
        • iiaom or hashed iiaom used as the identity in federal services (with rss bridge) providing xmpp/ommemo or matrix,
          • where the members' details, such as mac and ip addresses, are only stored hashed while allowing anonymization with vpn service bridging also the tor usage from the qdolphin browser for accessing also main stream platforms such as google and facebook also from different devices and locations on the glob.

The core of our development in all metropolises starts in pair of activities by both hands - the degentrification hand and the comcomized real-estate hand.

The comcomized agreement of equal ownership is made to avoid been taken over by the huge corporations, while giving a room for cooperating with some "normal" business making, where
Any founder of the Scomcom platform company is itself a Scmcom, that sets in the platform's initialization phase, its significant decisions, rules, rights, obligations, objectives (for which the platform is dedicated), its policy etc,
  • where the profit of the owners of the platform is proportional to their shares,
    •  while the significant decisions of the platform are made according to votes,
      • in which either each of the platform owners, or each of the owners of the platform owner has only one vote
  •  and where the initialization phase answers also
    • What are the special founders rights and obligations in voting and elsewhere;
    • What are the services and products delivered between the platform owners as suppliers or consumers; 
    • What are significant decisions;
    • What are its owners criteria - example:  must not being not discriminative by gender, race, language etc.
  • its profit is sheared between its owners correspondingly to their investments,
  • its root decisions are made such that one vote is of one of its owning SComCom or of owner of its owning ScomCom,
  • its founder owners have some voting privileges additional to ones such as being the first offered investor for the players in the platform,
  • its projects are where its players prepare themselves to become another of its owning Scomcom and
  • any Scomcom owning the platform is not owned by the platform, while the platform may form and own other companies also for implementing its projects players tasks until selling that to their Scomcom to be then partnering in the ownership over the platform.
Here are some example of concrete solutions:
  • Shifting public opinion, such as convincing the citizens to participate in green energy campaign as green comcom owners (see the BIS green swan risks report),
  • A "publish house platform of the creative people/class", which is owned only by companies being partly owned equally by artists and/or developers, as the other fixed part is owned by their producers/investors (here is the precise agreement: Scomcoms) here is a coworking spaces map for spreading our mission,
  • Connecting people owned by their comcom and not by huge company as facebook, twitter, google or telegram, 
  • our core of development including the real estate comcom and granting concom granting grantees/insurance to its members
  • GovComCom by making any bailout-privatization-cycle together with the criticizes involved as comcom players instead of only some few huge companies
  • A media platform integrated with liquid union being umbrella body for small business and their customers being also equal owners in Scomcom channels financed by adds of those business and owning the platform.
  • An investment platform :
the Liquid union model of fair distribution (compared with liquid/delegative- democracy telling how to decide and produce or serve, liquid union is about how to get organized to get and choose between services and products) - here are some example of concrete solutions:
  • the national citizens payment for tv station can be made for liquid union having projects such as entertainment, investigation, education, culture, art-development, etc, where each of which projects has its channels financed proportional to number of participants in the channel, so that also the voices of minorities and non-voter would be heard too,
the Qdolphin browser, A browser for smart people developed confined providing progressive web app user experience configured by qt/qml with encryption feature: 3fish1kbit in ctr mode by contextual kdf2 key, producing 4k files, each having different strong key strengthening the weakest ring of any security chain being the human passcode,

Compared with other foundations, accumulation in HopeIsBack foundations is made by more emancipative authorizations which are to be proven less by looping "proofs by gun as in fiat money",

  • where normalization of any establishment is always tested by an inverse of its "calls for legitimating loop of proof by gun", as storing any value of such establishment is normalized by trying some non yet trusted statements via these 3 "proofs":
    • of call as a bet and/or a stake,
    • of routine as work and/or function and
    • of destruction of routines or calls by enforcement and/or education,
      • where these distractions are attributed and rerouted (back) to some (of its authoritative) fiat (as a) call and are made by police, armies, media, schools, churches and/or other distractions and obstacles, which are generally coined here as
        • "calls for legitimating constant routine of proof by gun".

As gentrification became the first issue of most people living in (big) cities worldwide and is allways the dark-side reality of the lunatic myth named economic growth, of which basic is crediting the privileged and which forces people to be deported from their home and from the economy they are actually making, while cynically, giving more opportunities for the rich ones to become richer:

  • Here are 2 steps degentrification (undo gentrification) in pair of steps:
    • the first step is of liquid unions of which branches are served by lawyers and providing storage places, temporal accommodations, moving and sharing staff and information centers for renters and
    • the second step, which will be triggered after reaching some critical mass of participants being also equal share holders in their comcomized units, created for lending the necessary money to create guaranties for the renters wishing to buy their apartment by their renting payments.
  • Many levels (e.g. from 100 to 1m) of same investment value in some scomcom all of which d=1 while investing in a noncomcom real-estate entity, having only scomcom investors and a predefined maximal individual investment - here are the main benefits:
    • small investors could benefit from the advantages offered to the bigger ones, since mostly the offers in the real estate market are such that the bigger the investment is the lower is the risk and/or the bigger is the yield.
    • per each holder, in the same scomcom, any other holder can only be of the same power, allowing participation of unknown many other holder with lower risk coming from them.
    • after the investment still the holders can migrate between such scomsom with out damaging the whole real-estate entity.

Erez Elul and Rechtsanwalt Moritz Heusinger are the initial co-owners of the founder ScomCom of scomcoms platforms.
See also how anyone can do something.. Are you doing #art4HopeIsBack?

    This platform is to serve the need of (a lot of) paperwork for the organizations being spin-off from its foundations with internationally recruited lawyers and then providing feedback tools, by first applying to lawyers with proven activity supporting humanitarian and citizens rights with these three proposals:

    • join the international network we are to create to assist your work;
    • be refereed in our platform serving critical mass of people to supply your services with your expertise for the humanitarian and citizens rights issues when appeared in or via our platform and
    • please recommend us to lawyers able to register and represents the foundations and their spin of organizations

    The hopeisback low cost recruiting is distributed by requiters via personal cards, flayers, sticker , (e)mail, etc with the following 4 elements:

    • HopeIsBack network mark or Tm
    • F being a mark or Tm of the foundation serving specific subdomain in hopeisback
    • P being a mark or Tm of the project in the foundation serving specific subdomain in comcomized or liquidunions
    • X being a requiter number that must be feed in the registration to that site (zero for volunteers and optionally with additional security measure like another secret code).

    You may contribute or apply to membership, board of directors or trustees or add yourself as its participants. We are now looking for these 4 initiating team members:

    • Abstract makers who bring new ideas as for how to implement the statute
    • Concept mentors of these ideas
    • Fundraisers for the concepts
    • Project manager realizing the funded concept